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Know why every blogger needs an app in 2024

Before we tell you about the significant features, let us first find out about the importance of apps for bloggers in the current scenario. Explore the points listed below and learn about it:

1: Apps offer ease of accessibility & convenience

Are you reading this article on a mobile phone? Would you prefer to read your favorite writers on an easily accessible app over a website? If you have answered even one of the questions with a yes, you have established the importance of apps yourself. Mobile apps ensure more convenience, that makes them a more viable option.

Content and resources remain just a click away on mobile apps. Unlike websites, users do not need to open a search engine and hunt for their desired platform or content every time they need to discover something. This proximity and ease of access inspires more activity and prevents users from abandoning the platform or migrating to competitor platforms.

2: Mobile apps inspire longer session time

One of the biggest benefits of mobile apps is that people tend to spend more time on them. We launch multiple apps on our phones everyday and look for more convenient options than websites. This leads to longer usage hours on apps as compared to websites.

In fact, statistics also show that most people prefer scrolling through apps over websites. The average session duration of customers on websites is 2 to 3 minutes, whereas the average session duration of mobile phone users is around 5 to 7 minutes. Clearly, your potential readers and customers like to spend more time on mobile phones and apps.

3: Marketing endeavors get more attention on apps

Ever since the proliferation of mobile apps has taken place, the online marketing and advertisement industry has also evolved a great deal. This is so because apps get more attention and hence every ad has a better chance of conversion on an app.

As bloggers often get the opportunity to boost their revenue with ads and promotions, they must create an app to amplify their profits. You can also run your own campaigns and send push notifications to your users for more impact.

4: Brand messages create more impact on apps

Mobile apps bridge the gap between you and your targeted audience. This also ensures that the messages that you create for them, gets conveyed more effectively with minimal entropy, noise or loss that are common on websites.

As a result, your branding gets a boost if you have a robust website and an equally powerful mobile app. While the website will gain the exposure and secure rankings and visibility on search engines, the mobile app will give easy access to your regular and returning audience, and build your brand image.

5: Statistics show that apps are more powerful

Recent research initiatives, studies, surveys and all such similar assessments together hint at the power and impact of mobile apps over websites. Apps stand as the clear winner in most cases leaving websites far behind on many metrics.

In fact, statistics also show that people spend 90 per cent of their time on mobile apps and only ten per cent of their online usage time is spent on other kinds of web platforms. Stats also prove that a greater number of netizens prefer mobile apps over websites. For instance, you can read the blog suggested below and discover some more stats about the importance of apps for any business.